$ 16
Like a spa day for your skin.
Cleanse. Exfoliate. Massage. Nourish.

Our new Spongellé soap sponges will have you daydreaming of a spa every time you shower. These sponges are built in with body wash for 14+ luxurious showers. They are dermatologist tested for those with skin sensitivities. They are formulated with extracts YUZU, Edelweiss and Vetiver to moisturize, soften, and cleanse the skin. 


For all skin types, vegan, 100% Paraben free and cruelty free.


Directions: Place sponge under water, squeeze to absorb. Massage in circular motions to cleanse skin. Squeeze out excess water after each use! 

Fragrance Details:

•Coconut Verbena: smells like a coconut cocktail infused with a burst of citrus. Feels like a vacation in a box. Fragrance notes: Coconut, Peach, Jasmine, Floral, Amber, Lemon

•Freesia Pear: Smells like valleys sparkling with fragrant pear trees. Feels like taking the scenic route with the one you love. Fragrance notes: lemon, grapefruit, pear, freesia, peony, floral bouquet, woody musk, amber.

•Sugar Dahlia: Smells like a bouquet of hand-picked wild flowers from your cottage upstate. Feels like a one-way ticket to calmness and well-being. Fragrance notes: Citrus nuances, solar accord, midnight jasmine, ylang ylang, freesia, muguet, meroli, and musk.

•French Lavender: Smells like a moonlit stroll through the fields of Provence. Feels like a milk bath of freshly picked lavender. Fragrance notes: hesperides, tea rose, amber, lavender, tea, spicy, woody.

•Papaya Yuzu: Smells like a day at the beach with a tropical drink in hand. Feels like warm island breezes kissed in sweetness. Fragrance notes: mélange of fruity notes, floral notes of cyclamen and bois de rose, and sweet sugary caramel.

•Beach Grass: Smells like invigorating walks along the shoreline. Feels like an escape to a sandy beach far, far away. Fragrance notes: spicy, fruity, green, jasmine, rose, powdery, aquatic, woody, and musky.

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