Same Clothes, New Wardrobe

So recently on the Internet there has been a HUGE push for self improvement/ cleaning/ organizing/ you apparently have all the time in the world now that there is a global pandemic... Suddenly, if you don't get done every task that you have been putting off for the past few years, you are failing at staying at home during this pandemic. Well, I am gracefully here to tell you that, all that nonsense is just that, nonsense. We now are working from home while simultaneously attempting to homeschool our children (not me because I don't have any children but I am sure some of you do) while having to cook at home EVERY meal and snack for the WHOLE family without even going to the grocery store. Well that doesn't sound like much extra spare time to me. 

A big trend I have been noticing is cleaning out your closet. At least twice a year, I clean out my closet with the changing of seasons to make room for the newest trends (also because I have a clothing problem, don't judge). BUT here is why I think cleaning out your closet is a terrible idea: we aren't wearing any of our actual clothing right now. We are sitting at home in loungewear 27/8 (all the hours and days blur together) probably snacking a little bit more than usual and exercising a little less than usual. Looking at my 'normal' attire seems daunting and useless because I am not getting dressed every morning to go out into the world currently.

Now if you are like me, there are times where the clothing in my closet seems boring and uninspiring and I begin to wear the same 5 outfits everyday. So instead of getting rid of clothing, I decided that I was going to reinvent what I already have. (Warning: This may be slightly messy but it will make you feel like your little 10 year old self  again playing dress up so it's worth it)

Have a cute blouse that you only wear with the same pair of jeans? BORING! This is the time to throw that top on and pair it with every pair of bottoms you have until you have several new ways to style that blouse!

Here is how I started: I took our "Love At First Sight" blouse that I have only been able to pair with our "Bermuda Triangle" jeans, mainly because a world pandemic wanted to begin before I could experiment with this top. So here is how I have worn this outfit: 

Cute right? But That could definitely get a little boring after it's been worn a few times. How about we change it up and add a hat?

Oh kay, now we are getting somewhere! I love a great accessory like a hat (especially for those messy hair days!) Let's change it up a little more though. Let's go for a monochromatic look. 

I LOVE an all white moment! BUT WAIT what if we changed up this blouse up completely?!

Throw this blouse on open over a swimsuit and cut off shorts, for your next beach vacation. BRB booking my next beach vacation around this SUPER CUTE outfit. 

Let's go back our hat for a moment though. (It is also available on our website just search "White Safari") I may or may not have bought this hat off of impulse without have any real idea what I was going to wear with it. Well now is the perfect time to figure that out! Here are three different outfits that pair perfectly with the same hat and shoes but show completely different styles for different occasions.


Again, I clearly love a white on white look (I am from Miami, we wear white on white year round... can you blame me?) This also a great method when traveling because you are able to put together different outfits without (hopefully) overpacking by using the same pieces in a multitude of ways. 

Being at home is starting to become very daunting, lately (at least it has been feeling that way for me). This a fun and productive activity that could lead to new discoveries with items you already have. This can also lead to a list of items of closet staples that you always forget you need until it's time to get dressed. It's also great to do with your children and/or significant other! Make a fashion show of outfits that you have never worn before! This simple activity can have endless of possibilities. 


Kaytlyn Morrow

Alpharetta Store Manager

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