To All My Moms,

Let's me start off by saying we are officially opening again today! It is definitely going to be a slow and challenging process as we begin this course of action to open back to full operations. If you have ever visited one of stores, we have a very hands-on approaching on helping customers find the best products for their coloring, body type, age, and occasion. How are we going to suggest items without coming within six feet? How are we (as in NOT I because after 4 1/2 years I still don't get it) going to teach a customer how to do a square knot? What would you feel comfortable with as a customer? Would you be okay with us handing you an item to try on? To readjust a ribbon or tie? 

Onto even more positive news: it's almost Mother's Day! Mother's Day holds a special place in my heart because I was raised by a single mother nearly half of my life at this point. I will admit that I am one of those semi-adults that still calls her mother almost everyday. My mother is truly my best friend and sometimes I probably tell her WAY too much but she has learned to not be surprised by anything I share with her. While my mother is the light of my life, she was never truly alone in raising my siblings and I. I always say that I have several moms actually. So here is a special thank you to each one of them.

To my adopted mom,

At TU, you decided my junior year to 'adopt' me through the student program and welcome me into your family with open arms. You were at almost every one of my softball games the next two years cheering me on as your own (thank goodness I was actually a good player so it wasn't embarrassing for you to claim me). Pregame and post-games were almost always spent together around a dinner table. I loved nothing more than babysitting my little sis, playing board games and teaching her to be even sassier (sorry not sorry). After my shoulder surgery, you continually came by my house to help me change my bandages and make sure I had eaten. Thank you for teaching me that it there is nothing wrong with being a girly girl of an athlete because I could still kick butt on the field with makeup on my face and a sparkly bow in my hair. 

To my Thomasville mom,

You have taught me more about the South than anyone else that I know. You have (sometimes forced) fed me my first collard greens, black eyed peas, grits, and boiled peanuts (I am still scarred from that experience). We practically had our own taste of Thomasville, where every Saturday after a long day at the store we had family dinner at any one of the local downtown restaurants. Holidays that I wasn't able to go home for, were normally spent with you and your family, such as birthdays, Easter, even Thanksgiving. Thank you for teaching me to find my voice. Thank you for teaching me that talking to people isn't THAT scary. Thank you letting me be more than just your part-time employee. Thank you for almost five years of helping me grow.

To my second mom,

There were summers during my middle and high school years that I spent more nights at your house than my own. We travelled through the entire state of Florida together between softball tournaments and family trips that I were apart of. You didn't just accept me into your family but also my crazy family as well. Every birthday whether it is yours, my mom's, my siblings, or your children's, you can expect our two families to be celebrating together. While some of your Christmas traditions are a little (A LOT) crazy there isn't another family I would want to spend it with. When I went off to college, you regularly went to dinner with my mother and siblings to check up on them while I wasn't around, which means more than the world to me.  Thank you for all the wacky adventures we have gone on together. you for giving me my best friend. Thank you adopting me and my family. 

To my Atlanta mom,

If there is one person that has taught me how to be strong minded it would be you. Not only strong minded but to be outspoken about what's on your mind as well. You have taught (forced, something right?) to talk more, and not just at work. You are the perfect example of hustle and never quitting. You are what success looks like when it is done with dedication, hard work, dignity, honesty and resilience.Your (birth) daughters are the kookiest string beans I have ever met. I have never met two noodles that are the perfect mix of fun and birth control reminders but I love them as my own siblings, anyways. Thank you for opening your home to me. Thank you for being a great example of what I strive to be.


No words could ever describe how grateful I am that I am YOUR daughter. You are my living angel. I don't know one person that could ever handle what you have been through. You are truly the STRONGEST person I know, and sometimes the funniest person. Our daily phone calls will always be the highlight of my day, even if some days we really have nothing to report and other days when we are on the phone for hours. You created three of the truly CRAZIEST, SILLIEST, and SARCASTIC people ever. Thank you for never giving up on your children. Thank you for loving your three K named children unconditionally, because I know how difficult that can be. Thank you for ALWAYS putting us first. Thank you for being you. 

Sometimes, our birth mother is not the only 'mother' we have. As the proverb goes, 'It takes a village' and within that village there are plenty of motherly figures that come into our lives and shape us into who we are. On this upcoming Mother's Day, make sure to thank all of your mothers, whether they may have birthed you or not. 


Kaytlyn Morrow

Alpharetta Store Manager

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