We Are Celebrating You!

To all our supporters,

Yesterday was a great milestone here at the Pink Valise Boutique, we celebrated our 5 year anniversary. Within 5 years of our first location, Thomasville, being open we believe that more lives have touched our hearts than we ever could have imagined.

I began working at the Pink Valise boutique in Thomasville in November of 2015, less than 5 months after Amanda and Tracie had opened the store. Some of my greatest memories come from that location and will always have a special place in my heart. To mark this special occasion I wanted to share with you some of my fondest memories. 

Early on in my career at the Pink Valise and a baby in the world of retail, a new mother hesitantly came in with her friend. Her friend gently kept pushing her to try on at least one outfit. Since she was a new mother, I recommended a lightweight tunic and leggings that would cute, comfortable, and easy to move in with a newborn. After some insisting, she jumped into the dressing room to give it a try. She came out of the practically in tears. I soon learned that she was having difficult time losing her baby weight and didn't believe a boutique would even carry her size. That was only the first time I had ever cried at work. 

Another woman dragged in by a good friend. She was also hesitant to try on anything a 20 something year old recommended as she was in her 70's. Expected. Eventually I broke through, and linen pieces seemed to be my way in. She bought almost $800 worth of linen that was all interchangeable for a completely new summer wardrobe. It wasn't her purchase that touched me, it was her story. She was a retired teacher who had dressed conservatively all her life and it wasn't until her husband had recently passed away that she realized that she wanted to change. Her friend recommended us. You could see the shift in her spirit when she left, like she was 20 years younger.

I never was able to dress you or recommend even a simple piece of jewelry. We were only in each others presence for a maximum of 20 minutes yet I will never forget your face. Your husband leading you into the store. The energy you exerted just for this meeting. Your fragility. My heart ached for you. You were our recipient for our yearly donation. I had the honor to hand you the check. It was almost too much energy for you to even smile. You are what grounded me. It was the reality that the Pink Valise is more than a woman's clothing boutique. We are helping women feel their best in every outfit we put them in. Our reach is even further than the women that walk through our doors. May your soul rest in peace because your memory will live on in me. 

To the Pink Valise boutique, Amanda and Tracie thank you. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to work for such an amazing company. For treating me like your daughter and allowing me to not only be a part of the Pink Valise family but your actual families as well. Thank you to all the wonderful customers that continue to show your support, without you we would be here. 


Kaytlyn Morrow

Alpharetta Store Manager

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